Essential Formulas to Showcase Updated Box Design with Expanded Education for
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics® at the A4M 25th Annual World Congress

Dallas, TX, December 4, 2017 - Essential Formulas Incorporated (EFI) is proud to announce the launch of our enhanced product packaging for Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics® Original and Professional Formulas. While our updated box is new, the proven formula based on more than 30 years of research remains exactly the same, the ONLY 3-year and 5-year fermented whole-food supplement that healthcare practitioners and their patients depend on for improved digestive and microbiome health.

Join EFI at Booth 4067 during the upcoming 25th Annual World Congress in Las Vegas, December 14-16 where Director of Scientific Research and Education, Ross Pelton, RPh, PhD, CCN will be addressing the latest research in probiotic health as it pertains to Dr. Ohhira's award-winning formula.

Dr. Ohhira's pioneering probiotic research verified decades ago what science is now confirming, that the most vital and health-promoting function of probiotic supplementation is the restorative Postbiotic Metabolites produced in his exclusive 3 to 5-year natural fermentation process. While Postbiotics, have always been present in Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics, the revised packaging now clearly communicates the proven relevance of his groundbreaking research.

"It is imperative to EFI that we offer practitioners scientifically proven products and information that can be implemented and integrated as successful remedies in their practice," said William Schoor, President of Essential Formulas.

Dr. Pelton will also be discussing the Reg'Activ® Formulas containing Lactobacillus fermentum ME-3 proven to produce glutathione naturally in the human body. Working as a glutathione-activating agent via three different mechanisms, REG'Activ is set to impact the future of preventative and restorative health on a cellular level.

Attached is a recent article published in Natural Practitioner Magazine in which Dr. Pelton discusses the significance of postbiotic metabolites in the treatment of digestive issues as well as a myriad of other health concerns.

To celebrate EFI's redesigned packaging, we will be offering a 20% discount with a Minimum of 15 items (mix and match) exclusively to conference attendees.

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