May 13, 2014
Dr. Ohhira's Probiotic Kampuku Beauty Bar

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Free “First Class Mail” Shipping and a Free Trial Size Kampuku Beauty Bar

Is There Really One Probiotic “Fat Burning” Strain?

It Is Abundantly Clear That An Optimal Probiotic Status Can Have An Effect On Metabolism And Weight Loss/Gain.

What Is The Best Approach? We’ll Ask The Expert.

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According to a comprehensive review of probiotic and skin studies published in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, probiotics may prevent a range of skin conditions.

Research Reveals Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Support Calcium Uptake and Builds Bone Density

It has been a mystery in the United States for years. With our high consumption of dairy products, why is it that we still have an incredibly high incidence of osteoporosis?

Interview with EFI Director of Education, Alexandra Charles on Plant-Based Omegas.

Expert nutritionist Reveals the Cause of Bloat and How to Beat it This Summer

The beach, pools and vacations are all benefits of summer, but the worst possible time to experience painful and embarrassing bloating and gas!

CHIA OMEGA + Enzymes is the first Omega-3 supplement to combine cold-pressed Chia seed oil with Lipase, one of nature’s finest digestive enzymes.

As of May 1, 2014, Okayama City where Dr. Ohhira’s manufacturing plant is located, registered the same high safety level that was present before the accident.

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