Spring 2013

New Digestive Protocol
As national radio health educator Robert Scott Bell succinctly identifies, this protocol is “The most powerful, rapid and synergistic approach that I have seen to support intestinal health.”

EFI Offers Retailers Valuable Resoruce Tool
EFI has distributed over 4000 of Suzy Cohen’s book to retailers across the United States.

'Puzzled by Probiotics' Word Search Winner
Congratulations to Gregory’s Wheat Shop in Bountiful, UT for turning in the winning ‘Puzzled by Probiotics’ Word Search puzzle! For another chance to win read on...

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Featured Retailer
Capella Market of Eugene, Oregon is Essential Formula's Spring Featured Retailer

Dr. Ohhira's Probiotics in the News
Kris Carr recommends Dr. Ohhira's products in a recent article about improving your gut health.

Watch, Listen and Learn!
Probiotic Health Minute

Dr. Natalie Engelbart explains the benefits of taking probiotics during pregnancy.
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